The Advantages of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone BenefitsTestosterone boosters are among the most powerful legally available supplements. They boost the level of testosterone (the male hormone responsible for muscle growth), increase energy production, help in the regulation of body fat and ensure healthy libido. A number of factors like nutritional deficiencies, stress and natural aging can lower testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy can re-establish optimum hormone levels.

There are many different types of testosterone supplements. They are most often categorized based on the delivery method. Supplements in the form of gels, patches and creams deliver the hormone through the skin. Implants placed below the skin slowly release testosterone for an extended duration, while injectibles deliver it directly into the blood stream. Oral supplements are the most common variety. Some of the key benefits of such supplements include:

Increased muscle mass

Testosterone boosters are extremely popular among strength training athletes and body builders because of their muscle mass enhancing impact. With age the production of testosterone naturally decreases. Supplements can help restore and even improve the ability to maintain and build muscle mass. When taken in recommended doses, testosterone supplements boost muscle mass and strength without causing any unwanted side-effects.

According to a study published in the ‘Journal of Endocrinology’, supplements boost muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. This effect is noted in individuals with low testosterone levels as well as healthy subjects.

Improved body composition

Decreased testosterone levels often result in the loss of bone mineral content and lean body mass.  The results of a study published in the medical journal ‘Maturitas’ indicate a clear correlation between frailty and testosterone. The frailty scores were highest among men and women with the lowest testosterone levels. The risk of bone diseases and breaks was also higher among these individuals. Supplementation can reverse this by normalizing the hormone level.

Lower abdominal fat

Belly fat is often the toughest to lose. Many people find that a combination of exercise and diet is not enough to get rid of the stubborn fat. According to a study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’, high testosterone level can help lower abdominal fat mass as well as total body fat concentration.

Optimum mental functioning

Testosterone plays an important role in psychological functions. It is associated with logical reasoning ability, mental acuity and memory. Decrease in testosterone level can impair all these functions. Testosterone supplements can prove very useful in such cases.  Optimum testosterone level also helps keep the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay.

Healthy heart

With age, increase in blood pressure and resting heart rate is common. Such changes significantly add to the stress over your heart. Decrease in testosterone level is one of the reasons behind such changes. It is possible to counteract age related negative changes with testosterone replacement therapy. In an experimentE. Nieschlagand M. Zitzmann studied the impact of testosterone on cardiac parameters. The findings revealed that the replacement of the hormone in older men with low natural testosterone levels lead to a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate.

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