Parisi Speed School Partners with Atlantic Health

New Partnership between Parisi Speed School and Atlantic Health System to Help Athletes

Nutritional supplementsOne of New Jersey’s largest non-profit organizations - Atlantic Health System announced that it has become Parisi Schools’ official partner in sports medicine. The announcement was made on the 24th of October this year.

Parisi Speed School has over 75 franchises across 27 states such as New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and over 600,000 athletes have been trained from the schools. It offers various fitness programs and training regimes along with expert advice on diet and fitness supplements.

The director of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for Atlantic Health System, Damion Martins, stated that the partnership aims to bring together Parisi Speed School, one of the leaders in enhancing athletic performance, and Atlantic Health System’s clinical expertise.  It will help enhance the training of athletes and improving their health over all.

According to Bill Parisi, the CEO and founder of Parisi Speed School, the partnership is set to boost services for not only dedicated and active athletes but also for recreational athletes. The partnership provides advanced programming and information for everyone who is looking for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Athletes aged from 8-18 across the region and the patients from Atlantic Sports Health program are believed to profit from the partnership in many ways. The Parisi Speed Schools will be able to access the resources from the Atlantic Sports Health’s programs and the professional trainers' expertise.

Injured athletes will be able to access Atlantic Sports Health directly by Parisi for assistance in recovery, rehabilitation, and also advice on workout supplements, sport supplements and other care services related to sports.  The two organizations are also set to work together on clinical research in childhood obesity and sport performance.

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