Dr Oz Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism Naturally

Natural Metabolism Boosters

Dr. Oz Metabolism BoostersThe fat deposit in your body rests mostly on the metabolic rate. Metabolism is at its peak during the youth and declines gradually with age. Which is why, weight gain is often an age related issue. Listed below are some fabulous supplements by Dr. Oz, that will help you move towards a fitter version of you, in a faster way.

Raspberry Ketone:

Raspberries owe their sweet fragrance to this unassuming compound. Body is prompted to produce more adiponectin by the ketones. A higher level of adiponectin means that the metabolic rate is increased. This supplement also ensures that you have lesser hunger cravings.

White Kidney Bean Extract:

Enriched with carbs it reduces absorption of carbohydrate. This means that less fat is stored. A dosage of about 500 mg is suggested for the best results.


Though this amino acid generally found in red meat, you might not have noticed its benefits because usually small portions are consumed. It is suggested that you take at least 1000mg per day so that your energy is significantly boosted and you burn more fat.



This is also an amino acid that speeds up the metabolism. Production of protein is increased and ammonia is removed more effectively from the body, on taking a dosage of about 1000mg daily.


Most commonly associated with the brain, its benefits extend beyond that. Zinc stimulates secretion of the hormone, leptin that helps weight loss. This hormone actually sends a signal to your brain hastening you to stop eating when you are full.15 mg per day is the recommended dosage.


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